Community Work and Training Programs

The Community Work & Training Program offers a number of different programs for the applicant and recipient to be able to expand their knowledge and grow as a person to become a valuable member of society.

Section 18.05 – Participation Requirement – All non-exempt applicants and recipients must agree to participate in, accept work and training assignments in and cooperate with the Community Work Program as a condition of eligibility for General Assistance.

The following programs are currently offered:

“I Earned It!” Community Work and Training Program which is a collaborative effort between the township of Freeport and partners citywide. Our mission is clear…township recipients will be required to earn their assistance by providing meaningful services to the community.


Right Direction is a Freeport Township original program designed to assist Township clients 18 years of age and older in getting on track and staying on track.  As well, the Right Direction program is open to all individuals in Stephenson County looking to make a fresh start in life, individuals referred by outside agencies, or just ordinary people seeking a better quality of life.


A.B.L.E Adult Basic Literacy Education

ABLE – Adult Basic Literacy Education is a program designed to help Freeport Township clients get the basic skills they need to be productive workers and citizens. It is also designed to empower clients through learning basic skills necessary for independent living.


Math Tutoring

Math tutoring is provided by the Freeport Township for clients who would like to improve their math skills. We have found that many of our clients have trouble passing the math portion of the G.E.D. test, this program helps clients prepare for G.E.D. testing.


***In addition to these programs, the recipient will be required to complete 10 job searches, register with the Illinois Department of Employment Services, and attend a scheduled meeting every month to continue to receive assistance.***


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